Thursday, March 24, 2011

Splash of Color!

Recently some of the brides that I have talked with express that they would love to wear colorful shoes with their gowns! I love the idea....This trend is one of my favorites, it adds that splash of color and unexpectancy. There really aren't any rules these days with bridal attire, your dress and shoes should reflect your taste and comfort. Ivory wedding shoes are the traditional shoes that brides wear, but the modern brides are opting for other colors like the red, and blue satin shoes or something different than the usual white and ivory. Also blue shoes can add a very nice detail to the traditional "something blue".  Colorful shoes make a statement. Ok! you are going down the aisle in a coloful peep toe pump gorgeous! But remember the shoes are hidden and not causing a distraction, you would not want the focus to be on your shoes, but that beautiful gown and your fabulous self. Remember it's a surprise under that flowing gown...shhh! until after the ceremony then you can dance the night away in those shoes.

I love the fact the brides are different this makes them unique just be yourself. Once the wedding is over you can dye them another color. So go ahead and shop for that beautiful pair of shoes.

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